How to order

How to Order Your Steel Doors

The most important part of ordering your new doors is ensuring that you measure the openings correctly. It is worth taking a little time over this and double checking every measurement.

How to measure:

The two measurements required are the width and the height.

To get the width :

Measure between the walls, brick to brick, or reveal to reveal at the top, middle and bottom of the opening. Use the shortest measurement.

To get the height :

Measure between the top and the bottom of the opening, brick to brick, or reveal to reveal, at the left hand side, middle and right hand side. Use the shortest measurement.

For manufacturing a 10mm tolerance will be taken off the width and a 5mm tolerance taken from the height of the structural opening size.

Choose your door:

Once you are sure that you have the correct measurements you need to select the right door for your application from our products menu. If you are unsure of which door suits your requirements,  call our experts on 0845 0745 755 for some friendly advice.

Choose your finish:

After selecting your door you need to select a finish, all our doors come primed as standard with the option of having them pre finished in one of our standard colours, full details of which can be found on our colour chart.

Fill out our quotation request form or call 07711824597:

Now you are ready to fill out our quotation request form, these can be found  using the 'Request a Quote' buttons within each of our product pages. Alternatively you could call us on 07711824597.