Custom Made High Security Doors


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Custom Made High Security Doors

Our UK custom made high security doors offer an unrivalled selection of certified high security single / double leaf doors, suitable for all personnel, fire exit, and utility applications.

Our range of custom made high security doors are tested and certified to LPS 1175 security rating 1, and LPS 1175 security rating 3 by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB). These tests are designed to simulate deliberate forced entry over a period of 20 minutes with tools ranging from power drills to axes, crowbars, cold chisels and scissor jacks.

Ours is the largest range of LPCB certified high security doors manufactured in the UK. These doors can be custom-built to suit your exact requirements, with a wide selection of hardware and colours available.

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Key features include:

  • A unique internal reinforcing system.
  • Hinge Chassis System situated in the door frame to provide increased rigidity around the hinge area and integral mounting plates.
  • Anti pry frame profile offer in triple protection for defence against attacks with crow bars or similar tools.
  • A wide range of tested and certified hardware, external access options, punched louvres and vision panels, including DDA compliant vision panels.
  • Fast turnaround, delivered to you within 15 days, subject to hardware requirements.
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All our UK high security doors are custom made to your requirements with a very wide selection of options and extras. Please call  07711824597 to discuss your requirements or click for a no obligation quote.